Miracles on dirt floors

I always heard of miraculous healing stories that take place on mission trips, but I never thought that I would actually get to experience one for myself. This morning my team and I traveled about an hour south to a remote village in the town of Thyolo, Malawi. The morning had already started off rocky, 4 out of our 14 member team had to stay behind because of sickness and/or rest issues, so from the beginning the enemy was not wanting us to minister today. But soon we were on the road and headed to share the Gospel.


Once we reached the village, we broke off into teams where I was placed with my teammate Frances and our interpreter Zachariah, who is also our host. We visited 4 or 5 homes where we encouraged them to keep their faith through everything. Everyone that we came in contact with already believed and had a relationship with Christ, so it was great to see that even from all the way across the world, I have brothers and sisters in Christ whom I can also learn something from. How awesome!


Once we returned back to the village from our home visits, there was a main service where two sermons were given- one from our team, and another from he ministry that we have partnered with. During the middle of worship, our host, Zachariah, called me off to the side to pray for someone who was inside a nearby house. I followed him in, and there sat two women with a young baby boy by the name of ‘Comfort.’ They did not live in the village that we were ministering too, but had walked a great distance to search for help for this child. Once they heard that people were praying for others, they approached the main pastor of the village, which then lead to Zachariah asking me to help pray. They explained to us that through the night a deep cut had appeared in his mouth and because of that cut, he was unable to turn his neck fully to either side. The mother explained that things like this normally happen because of witchcraft that takes place in the village.


Zachariah and I began to lay hands on this child, and we prayed for healing in every aspect of his life. We prayed against evil in his family, that evil would no longer reside near any of them, that from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet that he would be healed. We prayed that he would become a mighty man of God, and that this healing would strengthen his testimony later in his life.


At the end of our prayer, I held onto his little hand, and he looked up at me with the most precious eyes. I soon snapped my fingers to draw his attention to the side of his face, and to our surprise, he looked! I snapped them again on the opposite side, and he turned his head to look there as well! I had actually just witnessed the Lord heal this child right in front of me. It wasn’t through my hands or my words, but it was through Jesus that this child was no loner in pain. It was so amazing to be able to witness a miracle in the middle of a village, and it just goes to show that God can come to our rescue in a dirt floor home, sitting on a tarp and calling out for his grace. What an amazing experience. 


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